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Saving Forest Ecosystems: A Century Plus of Research and Education at the University of Washington

Kristiina Vogt, Professor

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

University of Washington

This book does a great job of summarizing the history of forestry programs and why this forestry program was so important globally. It also helps us to understand why it had such a great impact globally on the science of managing forests. This is a historical review and talks about something that is disappearing from academic programs in the US. When this program emerged forestry was an art as well as a science. We have lost this approach to forestry and really need to think about what made it so successful. It is especially important during this period of climate change that we recognize the importance of forests for the habitats they provide, survival resources for half of the global population, and economic resources. The leaders of this program had insights and novel ways of thinking about forests that is needed in programs today that have become too disciplinary focused. When this program flourished, many of the breakthroughs in forest science emerged. These early years represented a golden age in forestry. This book summarizes why this was a unique time in forestry. These programs provided leadership at a time when we did not understand forests holistically. This book provides a great historical summary that should be read by many who want to conserve forests globally today.

Rating 5 stars

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